Nanostructured Materials

Invited Speakers:

  • Agnieszka Ciżman, Wrocław University of Technology, Poland
    Novel magnetic porous glass-based ferroelectric-ferromagnetic nanocomposites
  • Ahmet Aykac, Izmir Kâtip Çelebi University, Turkey
    Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles As Potential Transporter for Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery
  • Alberta Bonanni, Johannes Kepler University, Austria
    Self-assembled magnetic nanocrystals and complexes based on III-nitrides
  • Amlan Dutta, S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, India
    Unveiling the mechanism of compressive deformation of bcc nanopillar through atomistic simulations
  • Andrew Walter, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA
    Electronic, Chemical and Structural variation in the sub-micron world: New opportunities for characterization using a highly focussed synchrotron light source.
  • Anna Chiara De Luca, Institute of Protein Biochemistry, CNR, Italy
    SERS-based biosensor for rapid, label-free, and reproducible detection of cancer biomarkers
  • Anna Mitraki, University of Crete, Greece
    Self-assembled protein and peptide scaffolds and their biofabrication using laser technologies
  • Azam Iraji zad, Sharif university of technology, Iran
  • Bernd Beschoten, RWTH Aachen, Germany
    On the quest for intrinsic spin lifetimes in bottom-up nanofabricated graphene spin-valves
  • Boris Kalinic, University of Padova, Italy
    Emission rate modification of Er doped silica by near-field coupling with plasmonic and pre-plasmonic nanostructures
  • Bruno Bêche, Université Rennes 1, campus Beaulieu, France
    A novel deep-UV polymer for nanophotonics: waveguides structures towards cascade of serial micro-resonators for ultra-sensitive detections of glucose
  • Chiara Ingrosso, Institute for Physical and Chemical Processes, CNR-IPCF, Italy
    Graphene decorated with colloidal nanoparticles: new opportunities for functional hybrid materials
  • Cyril Aymonier, Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Bordeaux, France
    Continuous supercritical synthesis of Advanced nanostructured materials
  • D. Banerjee, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, India
    Versatilities in the Application of Amorphous Analogue of Conventional Carbon Nanostructures: Carbon Nanotube; Graphene
  • Dan Credgington, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Dipali Banerjee, Indian Institute of Engineering Science & Technology Shibpur Howrah, Indian
    Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured polymer composite with inorganic/organic materials
  • Dmitry Zuev, ITMO University, Russia
    Functional plasmonic and hybrid nanoparticles for advanced light manipulation
  • Dodji Amouzou, Institute of Condensed Matter and Nanociences, UCL, Belgium
    Nanoscale mapping of electrical conduction in reduced graphene oxide flakes decorated with metal nanoparticles
  • Elżbieta Guziewicz, Institute of Physics, PAS, Poland
    p-type ZnO and nanostructured ZnO-based homojuctions grown at low
  • Emmanuele Cappelluti, Institute for Complex Systems, CNR, Italy
  • Fethullah Gunes, Izmir Kâtip Çelebi University, Turkey
    A facile CVD synthesis route for Silicon-nanowires on 3D Graphene-foams as anode for Lithium-ion batteries
  • Florian Schulz , Universität Hamburg, Germany
    Synthesis and Characterization of Mixed Ligand Layers for a Controlled Surface Chemistry of Nanoparticles
  • Futoshi Matsumoto, Kanagawa University, Japan
    Application of ordered intermetallic nanoparticles to electrocatalysis and photocatalysis
  • Gabriela Plaiasu, University of Pitesti, Romania
    Nano-oxide powders – structural characterization
  • Georgi Shilyashki, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
    Nano-crystalline ribbons for induction measurements in laminated machines
  • Giuseppe Lazzara, Università degli Studi di Palermo, Italy
    Halloysite nanotubes based materials
  • Hassan Nezammahalleh, McMaster University, Canada
    New generation of nanostructured materials emerging from biological systems
  • Hidehiro Sakurai, Osaka University, Japan
    Morphology Effect on Metal Nanoparticle/Organic Polymer Composite
  • Jan Eric Stehr, Linköping University, Sweden
    Defect formation and optical properties of coaxial GaP/GaNP core/shell Nanowires
  • Janis Kliava, Université de Bordeaux, France
    Transparent Magnetics Based on Iron Borate
  • Jeno Gubicza, Eotvos Lorand University, Hungary
    Defect structure characterization in nanomaterials
  • Jordi Arbiol, ICREA & Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia, ICN2, Spain
    Nanostructured Materials at the Atomic Scale: Structure vs Properties
  • Jung Ho Je, Pohang University of Science & Technology, Korea
    Photonic nanowire endoscope for intracellular detection of metabolic molecules
  • Katsuaki Konishi, Hokkaido University, Japan
    Diverse microstructures and properties of gold clusters in subnanometer regime
  • Kei Ameyama, Ritsumeikan University, Japan
    Harmonic Structure Design for High Performance Structural Materials
  • Kensuke Akamatsu, Konan University, Japan
    Fabrication of Gold Core-Satellite Nanostructures and Their Sensing Properties
  • Khedir R Khedir, University of Duhok, Iraq
    Growth of Metal Oxide Nanostructures by a Facile and Environmentally Friendly Technique
  • Ljiljana Fruk, University of Cambridge, UK
    Biofunctionalized Nanotools for New Materials Design
  • Luca De Stefano, Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems, Italy
    Synthetic vs natural: nanostructured materials for innovative optical biosensors
  • Louise Jalowiecki-Duhamel, UCCS, University of Lille Nord de France, France
    Development of Ni based nano-oxyhydrides for hydrogen production
  • Masaki Kobayashi, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), Japan
    Spectroscopy of oxide quantum wells
  • Masayuki Nakamoto, Shizuoka University, Japan
    Vacuum Nanostructured Field Emitters for Power Conversion Devices
  • Mato Knez, CIC nanoGUNE Consolider, Spain
    Synthesis of Functional Nanostructures by Atomic Layer Deposition 
  • Mohd Taukeer Khan, Islamic University of Madinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Organic/Inorganic Hybrid nanostructured materials for optoelectronics
  • Mona Tréguer-Delapierre, Institute of Chemistry of Condensed Matter of Bordeaux, France
    Gold nanostructures of unconventional morphology
  • Nageh K. Allam, The American University in Cairo, Egypt
    Design and Assembly of One-Dimensional Nanostructured Materials for Solar Energy Conversion
  • Ng Tsz Fai Jack, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
    Optical Force in Plasmonic and Metamaterial System
  • Oded Shoseyov, CollPlant Ltd., Israel
    Nano bio inspired materials for the future
  • Oleg Kononenko, Institute of Microelectronics Technology and High Purity Materials, RAS, Russia
    Carbonaceous films composed of simultaneously grown carbon nanotubes and multi-layer nanocrystalline graphene for electronic and optoelectronic applications
  • Özgül Keleş, ITU Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, Turkey
    Thin Film Technologies in LIB
  • Pavel Diko, Institute of Experimental Physics, SAC, Slovakia
    Nanosize pining centers in YEBCO bulk superconductors
  • Per Eklund, Linköping University, Sweden
    Novel thin film nitrides for thermoelectric applications
  • Raffaella Buonsanti, EPFL, Switzerland
    Colloidal Nanocrystals as model systems to advance solar to fuels conversion studies
  • Raul Arenal, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain
    Atomic structure, composition and physical properties probed by TEM measurements
  • Seung-Hyub Baek, Electronic Materials Research Center, KIST, Korea
    Interfacial effects in the thermoelectric bismuth telluride material
  • Shu-Lin Bai, Peking University, China
    Thermal properties of graphene filled polymer composites
  • Silke Behrens, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
    Synthesis and Properties of Functional Magnetic Hybrid Materials
  • Srihari Dodla, Loughborough University, uk
    Multiscale modelling of nanostructured composites
  • Stefan Kooij, University of Twente, Netherlands
    Plasmonics meets microfluidics: Evaporation induced nanorod assembly on patterned substrates
  • Tatsuya Tsukuda, The University of Tokyo, Japan
    Precision synthesis and catalysis of coinage metal clusters
  • Thomas Archer, Trinity College Dublin, UK
    High-Throughput engineering of 2D composite materials
  • Vicki J. Keast, The University of Newcastle, Australia
    Applications of electron spectroscopy and density functional theory to nanoplasmonic materials
  • Victoria Jiménez Rupérez, Química de la Coordinación y Catálisis Homogénea, ISQCH, Spain
    Development of hybrid graphene and carbon nanotube-based NHC-iridium hydrogen transfer catalysts
  • Xiaoyong Wang, Nanjing University, China
    Carrier multiplication in semiconductor nanocrystals
  • Young-Kuk Kim, Korea Institute of Materials Science (KIMS), Korea
    Nanostructured inorganic particles for thermally conductive polymer composiites
  • Yucheng Zhang, EMPA, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Switzerland
    Understanding and Controlling Atomic Layer Deposited TiO2 on Carbon-based Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Structure and Interface
  • Yun Ho Kim, Advanced Functional Materials Research Group, KRICT, Korea
    Direct Visualization of Graphene Domain and Morphology using Liquid Crystal Assembly



Workshop Chair:

  • Raul Arenal, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain
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