Invited Speakers:

  • Luana Caron, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry Physics of Solids, Germany
    Under pressure: hydrostatic pressure & magnetoelastic coupling in MCE materials
  • Ping Chen, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, China
    NH3 as an Energy Carrier – Catalytic Material design for efficient NH3 decomposition
  • Kaveh Edalati, Kyushu University, Japan
    Significance of severe plastic strain and grain size on phase transformation and hydrogen storage
  • Yousef EL-Hasadi, DEM Solutions and the University of Edinburgh, UK
    Development of a Smart Phase Change Materials (SPCM)
  • Hani E. Elsayed-Ali, Old Dominion University, USA
    Multicharged ion source for nanoprocessing based on spark-assisted laser plasma
  • Oliver Fenwick, Université de Strasbourg & CNRS, France
    Electrodes asymmetrically functionalised with (multi-functional) self-assembled monolayers
  • Amalio Fernández-Pacheco, University of Cambridge, UK
    Towards three-dimensional spintronics
  • Muhammad Mustafa Hussain, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Transformational Electronics for Transformative Applications
  • Vladimir Khovaylo, National University of Science and Technology MISIS, Russia
    Giant Internal Friction in Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys
  • Leu-Wei Lo, National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan
    Seeing Better and Going Deeper in Cancer Theranostics
  • M. Arturo López-Quintela, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
    Metal quantum clusters as atomic level semiconductors: a new paradigm in catalysis
  • M. Sankar, Cardiff University, UK
    Designing Supported Bimetallic Nanoalloy Catalysts for Biomass Conversion
  • Young Seok Song, Dankook University, Korea
    Ferrohydrodynamic System for Energy Harvesting
  • Naoto Yanagihara,  FUJIFILM Corporation, Japan
    Change the world with functional materials related to opt and color
  • Bingsuo Zou, Beijing Institute of Technology, China
    The optical properties of IIVI diluted magnetic semiconductor nanostructures





Workshop Chairs:

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University of Electronic Science and Technology of China