Plasma Medicine & Plasma Technology for Biomaterials

Invited Speakers:

  • Johannes GRUENWALD, Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology (INP), Germany
    Copper based anti-microbial films deposited by atmospheric pressure plasma sources
  • Masaru HORI, Plasma Nanotechnology Center (PLANT), Nagoya University, Japan
    Plasma Activated Medium for Cancer Therapy
  • Matteo GHERARDI, Department of Industrial Engineering, Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna, Italy
    Atmospheric pressure non-equilibrium plasmas for material treatment and nanofabrication
  • Patrick CHOQUET, Luxembour Institut of Science and Technology (LIST), Luxembourg
    Self-defensive biomaterial surfaces achieved thanks to the deposition of highly reactive interfacial polymer films by an atmospheric plasma process for the efficient immobilization of biomolecules
  • Pieter COOLS, Ghent University, Belgium
    Acrylic acid plasma coatings for tissue engineering
  • Tatiana VASILIEVA, Department of General Chemistry, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia
    Modification of biopolymer films and organic porous materials by Electron-Beam Plasma



Workshop Chair: Pieter COOLS, Ghent University, Belgium

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