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Invited Speaker:

  • Mohamed Bouazaoui, Université Lille1, France
    Benefit of rare-earth-doped optical fibers nanostructuring for next amplifiers and laser generation
  • Karima Chah, Université de Mons, Belgium
    Femtosecond Fiber Bragg grating for bio-chemical sensing application
  • Noran Azizan Cholan, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Malaysia
    Four wave mixing cascades without external laser sources and modulators
  • Hong-Yan Fu, Xiamen University, China
    Tunable multi-passband microwave photonic filters
  • Yasushi Fujimoto, Osaka University, Japan
    New materials and new wavelength fiber lasers.
  • Xiaoying He, Fudan University, China
    Graphene-Microfiber hybird waveguide design and its application
  • Koji Igarashi, Osaka University, Japan
    Ultra-Long-Haul High-Capacity Multi-Core Fiber Transmission with Capacity-Distance Product over 1 Exabit/s·km
  • Alexander V. Kir’yanov, Centro de Investigaciones en Optica, Mexico
    Self-Induced Laser Line Sweeping (SLLS) in Fiber Lasers: A Review
  • Il-Bum Kwon, Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, Korea
    Fiber Optic Distributed Sensors for Energy Facilities
  • Hongpu Li, Shizuoka University, Japan
    Phase-Shifted Fiber Gratings and Their Applications to Fiber Ring Laser and Fiber Sensors 
  • Jinhua Li, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, China
    Switching of Ultrashort Pulses in Nonlinear High-Birefringence Two-Core Optical Fibers
  • Wenxue Li, East China Normal University, China
    Er-doped fiber laser with divided pulse amplification
  • Xueming Liu, Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
    Ultrafast fiber lasers based on the dissipative system
  • Shuqin Lou, Beijing Jiaotong University, China
    Micro-structured fiber
  • Zhi-Chao Luo, South China Normal University, China
    Two-dimensional materials based saturable absorbers for soliton shaping in ultrafast fiber lasers
  • Fedor Mitschke, Universität Rostock, Germany
    Soliton molecules: an advanced optical telecommunications format
  • Guanshi Qin, Jilin University, China
    Tellurite microstructured fibers and their applications
  • Lei Shi, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
    Optofluidic ring resonator and its applications
  • Xuewen Shu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
    Fiber Bragg gratings designed for optical signal processing
  • Yanrong Song, Beijing University of Technology, China
    Passively Mode locked fiber laser with nanostructured saturable absorber
  • Igor A. Sukhoivanov, University of Guanajuato, Mexico
    Manipulating the shape of optical pulses and generating the single-pulse supercontinua in microstructured specialty optical fibers
  • Daniele Tosi, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan
    Biomedical fiber optics
  • Xiaolin Wang, National University of Defense Technology, China
    Mode instibility supression in high power all-fiber PM fiber amplifier and scaling power up to 1.5kW with high PER and good beam quality
  • Fei Xu, Nanjing University, China
    Lab-on-a-microfiber for multifunctional optical devices
  • Shanhui Xu, South China University of Technology, China
    Self-injection locked single-frequency phosphate fiber laser and its intensity noise properties
  • Hua Yang, Hunan University, China
    Esearch on the soliton trapping of dispersive wave in photonic crystal fibers
  • Lilin Yi, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
    Tunable microwave photonics filter with single rectangular passband and high rejection ratio
  • Wei Zhang, Tsinghua Univeristy, China
    Quantum light sources based on optical fibers and silicon devices
  • Zuxing Zhang, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
    Mode-locked lasers using tilted fiber gratings
  • Pu Zhou, National University of Defense Technology, China
  • Weiwen Zou, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
    Photonic signal processing for modern radar systems

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University of Electronic Science and Technology of China