Optoelectronic Materials and Devices

Invited Speaker:

  • Tahsin Akalin, Université Lille1, France
    Terahertz Modulators with Metasurfaces and Metalines on Silicon substrate
  • Harish Bhaskaran, University of Oxford, UK
    Phase Change Materials and their Mixed-Mode properties
  • Fabien Bretenaker, Laboratoire Aimé Cotton, France
    Dual-Frequency VECSELs for microwave photonics applications
  • Nurdogan Can, Celal Bayar University, Turkey
    Luminescence properties of rare earth doped phosphor materials.
  • Kin Seng Chiang, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
    Optical waveguide devices for mode-division-multiplexing applications
  • Jacqueline M. Cole, University of Cambridge, UK
    Designing New Classes of Dyes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells: A Molecular Engineering Approach
  • Kaiyu Cui, Tsinghua University, China
    Functional Optical Devices based on Manipulating PhoXon by Nanostructure
  • Yanxia Cui, Taiyuan University of Technology, China
    Incorporating coated plasmonic elements into Organic Photovoltaic devices
  • Dimitris Davazoglou, National Centre for Scientific Research Demokritos, Greece
  • Weijun Fan, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    Electronic structure of GaAsNBi/GaAs quantum well:  Promising semiconductor for the near-infrared 
  • Wen-Hui Fan, Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
    Broadband Terahertz Radiation Based on Ultrafast Photoconductive Antenna
  • Guangsheng Fu, Hebei University, China
    Potential application of the c-axis tilted cobalt oxide thin films for broadband photodetectors 
  • Lan Fu, Australian National University, Australia
    InP nanowire array solar cells by selective area epitaxy
  • Felicia Iacomi, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Romania
    Oxide Thin Films for Optoelectronic and Spintronic Devices
  • Jyh-Chiang Jiang, National Taiwan university of science and technology, Taiwan
    Computational Chemistry in Optoelectronic materials
  • Kunjukunju Joy, Mar Ivanios College, India
    Optical and Luminescence analysis of ferromagnetic Mn-doped BaTiO3 thin films
  • Dongdong Li, Information Science and Technology Research Division, Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
    Thin-Film Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells on Nanopatterned Substrates
  • Bonex Wakufwa Mwakikunga, CSIR- National Centre for Nano-Structured Materials, South Africa
    From single nano-wire nano-electronics through gas FETs to deployable portable industrial sensing devices
  • Zhenhua Ni, Southeast University, China
    Modulation of the optoelectronic properties of two dimensional materials
  • Zhichuan Niu, Institute of Semiconductor, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
    Resonant tunneling photodetector at telecommunication wavelength with high responsitivity
  • Takahiro Numai, Ritsumeikan University, Japan
    Control of Longitudinal and Transverse Modes in Semiconductor Lasers
  • Wolfram Pernice, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
    Diamond integrated nanophotonic and opto-electronic circuits
  • Feng Qiu, Kyushu University, Japan
    Electro-optic Polymer / Titanium Dioxide Hybrid Modulators
  • Narayana Peruma Rajesh, SSN College of Engineering, India
    Investigations on crystal growth or rare earth doped KTP single crystals for EO applications
  • Ewa Schab-Balcerzak, Silesia university, Poland
    Selected organic materials for optoelectronics
  • Yuya Shoji, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
    Magneto-optical nonreciprocal devices
  • Horacio Soto-Ortiz, CICESE-Mexico, Mexico
    All optical digital multipliers using SOAs
  • Anca Stanculescu, National Institute of Materials Physics, Romania
    Organic semiconductors for non-linear optics
  • Maria Vasilopoulou, National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos”, Greece
    Efficient passivation methods of titanium oxide surface traps for application in optoelectronic devices
  • Zhengping Wang, Shandong University, China
    Type-II frequency doubling of ReCOB nonlinear optical crystals
  • Yanling Xue, East China Normal University, China
    Photorefractive Photonic Microstructures in LiNbO3:Fe Crystal
  • Shengyi Yang, Beijing Institute of Technology, China
    Narrow band-gap quantum dots-based photodetectors and solar cells
  • Zhigang Zang, Chongqing University, China
    Recent progress in 1.33/1.55um high power superluminescent diodes
  • Shangjian Zhang, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China
    Calibration-free microwave characterization of high-speed optoelectronic devices
  • Xinping Zhang, Beijing University of Technology, China
    Plamon-enhanced optoelectronic processes in polymeric semiconductors
  • Yan Zhang, Capital Normal University, China
    Metasurface based THz wavefront modulation devices

Workshop Chair:

  • Maria Vasilopoulou, National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos”, Greece
Operating Organization

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China