General Workshop on Quantum

Invited Speakers:

  • Akshay SALIMATH, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India
    Application of Graphene and 2D TMD materials in Spintronic Memories
  • Andrea FRATALOCCHI, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Computational Science, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Evolutionary Photonics technologies and nanomaterials for energy harvesting and lasing
  • Bahadur SINGH, Department of Physics, National University of Singapore, Singapore
    Topological insulator and quantum spin Hall state in TlBiSe2 class of ternary semiconductors
  • Callum LITTLEJOHNS, Nanoelectronics Centre of Excellence, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    Near- and mid- infrared group IV photonics
  • Chuan WANG, State Key Laboratory of Information Photonics and Optical Communications, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
    The distillation of photonic qubits during quantum communication in noisy channels
  • Dao-Xin YAO, School of Physics and Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University, China
    Quantum Monte Carlo Study of Disordered Spin Systems
  • Jonas FRANSSON, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala University, Sweden
    Electrical control and detection of magnetic states in magnetic molecules
  • Josef OSWALD, Institut für Physik, Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria
    Probing condensed many particle quantum states in the quantum Hall effect regime
  • Marcin BUCHOWIECKI, Institute of Physics, University of Szczecin, Poland
    Nuclear quantum effects in chemical equilibria from path integral simulations
  • Masaki TEZUKA, Condensed Matter Theory Group, Department of Physics, Kyoto University, Japan
    Fermions on quasiperiodically modulated lattices: pairing, localization, and topology
  • Michael HUSH, The Australian Defence Force Academy at University of New South Wales, Australia
    Stoichiometric Rare Earth Ion Crystals for Quantum Information Processing
  • Mohamed HENINI, Nottingham Nanotechnology and Nanoscience Centre (NNNC), UK
    Electrical and Optical Properties of Photovoltaic Devices: From Inorganic to Organic Materials
  • Mohammad H. ANSARI, Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
    The second law of thermodynamics in quantum systems
  • Nino RUSSO, Dipartimento di Chimica e Tecnologie Chimiche – CTC, Università della Calabria, Italy
    Photodynamic therapy:  A density functional theory viewpoint
  • Pascal HONVAULT, Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté, France
    On the importance of the indistinguishability in quantum molecular scattering
  • Ray-Ming LIN, Chang Gung University, Taiwan
    The study of InGaN-based light-emitting diodes grown on volcano-shaped patterned sapphire substrates with embedded SiO2
  • Robert MINASIAN, School of Electrical and Information Engineering, The University of Sydney, Australia
    Microwave photonic frequency conversion
  • Rocío Estefanía Rojas HERNANDEZ, Electroceramic Department, Instituto de Cerámica y Vidrio, CSIC, Spain
    High-long lasting luminescent SrAl2O4:Eu,Dy nanostructured platelets: designing core-shell
  • Sabre KAIS, Department of Chemistry, Birck Nanotechnology Center, Purdue University, USA
    Light Matter Interaction: The role of quantum coherence
  • Sergey KOROTAEV, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
    Quantum causality and time reversal
  • Siegfried SELBERHERR, Institute for Microelectronics, Technische Universität Wien, Austria
    The Description of Carrier Transport for Quantum Systems
  • Shahram DEHDASHTI, State Key Laboratory of Modern Optical Instrumentations, Zhejiang University, China
    Stability of two interacting entangled spins interacting with a thermal environment
  • Stuart MARONGWE, Physics Department, McConnell College, Botswana
    Quantum gravity perspectives on the measurement problem
  • Supeng KOU, Beijing Normal University, China
    Fractionalized Flux, Majorana Fermions and Non-Abelian Anyons in Topological Superfluid on Optical Lattices
  • Swaroop GANGULY, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay, India
    Quantum Biomimetics: spin dynamics in birds and diamonds
  • Takahiro SHINADA, Center for Innovative Integrated Electronic Systems (CIES), Tohoku University, Japan
    Deterministic doping for quantum processing devices in silicon and diamond
  • Takeshi MIZUSHIMA, Department of Materials Engineering Science, Osaka University, Japan
    Spontaneous symmetry breaking and topological superfluidity in 3He
  • Theodore GOODSON, University of Michigan, USA
    Entangled Photon Spectroscopy of Organic Molecules
  • Toshihiko SASAKI, Photon Science Center of the University of Tokyo, Japan
    Quantum key distribution protocol without monitoring signal disturbance
  • Xin WEI, Institute of Semiconductors, CAS, China
    Coupled optical and electrical simulation for external quantum efficiency enhancement of thin-film InGaAs photodetector
  • Yong-Chang HAN, School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, China
    The studies of molecular photoassociation and photodissociation dynamics with quantum wavepacket method
  • Yoshihiro SHIMAZU, Department of Physics, Yokohama National University, Japan
    Raman-like transitions in a superconducting quantum circuit and incorporation of a switch made of novel 2D materials
  • Yutaka SHIKANO, Institute for Molecular Science, Japan
    Visualizing Quantum State


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